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Resistors in Canada

Renfrew Electric satisfies your needs in power resistors in Canada. Get in touch!
We have developed an international customer base in America, Canada and Europe.

Resistors in Engine Braking

High power resistors are also used in vehicles to safely convert kinetic energy into heat. The property of resistors to dissipate heat can be used to slow down a mechanical system.

In fact, this kind of resistor is called dynamic braking resistor. The biggest benefit of braking resistors over friction braking systems is the lower wear and tear and faster deceleration. Call Renfrew Electric for more details!


High-quality power resistors for multiple applications

Resistors Florida California
Resistors Florida California

Types of Resistors

Renfrew Electric carry various types of high power resistors. Each of our product has different applications according to their capabilities, and include:

  • Wirewound resistors
  • Cement resistors
  • Film resistors
  • Metal film
  • Carbon composite
  • Nichrome wire

Call the leading manufacturer and supplier of power resistors in the country!

Various types of high power resistors


Our Products :

  • Load banks
  • Relays
  • Terminal blocks
  • Quickload
  • Elevator coils
  • Timers

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