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Resistor Hardware in Canada

Renfrew Electric is your resistor hardware distributor in Canada. Call us!

We supply quality power resistors.

Leading Distributor of Resistor Hardware

Renfrew Electric is a leading distributor of resistor hardware. We carry a wide range of resistor hardware, including wirewound, wire element, thick film and ceramic composition.

We are also a licensed and accredited industrial power resistor manufacturer serving an international client base. Learn more about our resistor hardware by calling us!


An experienced resistor hardware distributor

Resisitor hardware Florida California
Resisitor hardware  Florida California

Resistors For a Wide Range of Application

Renfrew Electric offers multiple product types for your specific application and needs. From surface mount components to large and small load banks, we have the right product for your requirements.

Be it high power, voltage, current or high energy, we provide resistor hardware for all industries. Call our experts for any information about our power resistors!

Quality resistors for all types of application


We Supply and Distribute :

  • Axial
  • Radial wirewound resistors
  • Heavy-duty mechanical relays
  • General purpose relays
  • Solid state timers
  • Terminal blocks

We guarantee customer satisfaction.