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Relay Sockets | Canada

Renfrew Electric supplies quality relay sockets and other accessories across Canada. Call us!
We are highly sophisticated and are committed to helping you from design to production.

Relays and Sockets Provider

Renfrew Electric partners with leading manufacturers to bring you the best relay sockets and their accessories. We can provide complete relay and socket solution at a competitive price for your customers. Our products include:

  • Ice cube sockets
  • Finger-safe ice cube sockets
  • Octal sockets
  • Chassis mount sockets
  • Printed circuit sockets and accessories

Complete selection of industrial relays and sockets

Relay Sockets Canada Florida California
Relay Sockets Canada Florida California

Our Relay Socket Features

Renfrew Electric offers superior quality products that meet all your needs. Our relay sockets have:

  • Removable lock-down door for easy manoeuvring
  • Color coded push button for manual operation
  • Finger grip cover for easy removal of relay from socket
  • Isolated input and output terminals that separate control circuits from load circuits
  • Flag indicator that shows relay status in manual or powered condition
  • Finger safe cover to protect operators from live circuits
  • Slim design that minimizes space on DIN rail

Modern and affordable relay sockets with a wide range of features


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 86 years of experience
  • Committed to customer vision
  • A highly qualified team
  • Stringent quality control
  • Sophisticated tools and equipment
  • On-site engineering

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