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Power Resistors | Canada

Renfrew Electric supplies power resistors for a wide range of purposes. Call us!
Based in Canada, we create various products for the electrical industry.

What Are Power Resistors?

Power resistors are located in almost all electrical networks and circuits. Their main purpose is to create resistance and dissipate large amounts of power.

Power resistors have a minimum power rating of at least 5 watts and are made with high thermal conductivity materials that allow for efficient cooling. Resistors are commonly used in electrical motors and other devices that rely on electric current to function. 

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Power Resistors Canada Florida California
Power Resistors Canada Florida California

Different Types Power Resistors

Renfrew Electric manufactures and supplies various types of power resistors for electrical purposes

We have different types of resistors from low cost and large tolerance to general purpose carbon type resistors and low tolerance. We also have high cost, precision film resistors as well as high power, wire wound ceramic resistors for all your requirements.

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Various types of resistors for different purposes


Our Products:

  • Load banks
  • Relays
  • Terminal blocks
  • Quick load
  • Elevator coils
  • Timers

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