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Load Banks | Canada

Renfrew Electric offers load banks of varying watts. Call us!
Based in Canada, we supply genuine power resistors for a wide range of requirements.

Load Bank Manufacturer

Renfrew Electric manufactures industry-approved load banks of different wattages. We supply mostly the LoadX Series of load banks as they are portable, reliable, robust and easy to operate.

Our quality products are equipped with clear LED display meters that show voltage and current. They also have AC cooling fans and front or back output terminal posts. 

Check the different wattages available!

Leading load banks manufacturer

Load Banks Canada Florida California
Load Banks Canada Florida California

Importance of Load Bank Testing

Renfrew Electric supplies load banks of the highest quality for a wide range of applications and tests, including:

  • Research and development
  • Bench test
  • Burn-in applications
  • AC & DC power supplies
  • Batteries and transformers
  • Transformers and relays

Our load banks ensure reliable and accurate testing. Call us for more details!

High-quality and cost-effective solutions


Our Various Types of Resistors:

  • Fixed
  • Adjustable
  • Tapped
  • Non-inductive
  • Flat-type

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