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Renfrew Electric Co. Ltd. guarantees the products it manufactures to meet the performance stated in printed publications or by its proposals and to be free of original defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment from its factory. Renfrew Electric will repair or replace at it option, any part or parts, which upon inspection at its factory are found to be defective within this period: such part or parts to be returned to Renfrew Electric, transportation charges prepaid.

Renfrew Electric shall not be held responsible for any charges involved in the renewal or replacement of material at the place of operation or for consequential damages arising out of any failures. Products of other manufacturers furnished as components of Renfrew Electric will carry the standard guarantee of the manufacturer.


Credit for the return of material will not be issued unless authorization and shipping instructions have been issued by Renfrew Electric Co. If authorization has been granted credit will be issued, less restocking charge and all transportation charges paid by Renfrew Electric, after the return material has been inspected and found suitable for restocking.