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High-Quality Power Resistors | Canada

Renfrew Electric supplies power resistors, relays and load banks for a wide range of purposes and industries.

Manufacturers, medical, military and aerospace industries.

If you are in the manufacturing industry, we are your partner of choice for all your power needs.

About Us

Established in 1931, Renfrew Electric manufactures and supplies high-quality power resistors for a wide range of applications, heavy duty relays and load banks for your loading requirements. Over the years, we have developed a worldwide customer base in America, Canada and Europe. 

As a leading manufacturer of innovative power resistors and load banks,  we are highly sophisticated and are committed to helping you from design to production. We carry the full line of Struthers-Dunn Relays. 

Most of our staff have been with us for over 25 years, dedicated to developing the finest products. Call our experts for superior quality products and services!

A company with more than 8 decades of industry experience

Power Resistors Canada Florida California
Power Resistors Canada Florida California

Our Products and Services

Renfrew Electric works with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and provides a wide range of integrated services. We supply and distribute quality:

  • Power Wirewound resistors
  • Axial lead resistors
  • Radial lead resistors
  • Resistor Hardware
  • Heavy-duty mechanical relays (Struthers-Dunn)
  • General purpose relays (Struthers-Dunn)
  • Load banks

We have specific products for every requirement and are committed to your project until the final delivery. 

A wide range of quality products for all your needs


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 86 years of experience
  • Committed to customer vision
  • A highly qualified team
  • Stringent quality control
  • Sophisticated tools and equipment
  • On-site engineering

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